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Mesa and the surrounding areas are home to thousands of employees who are entitled to fair wages and a safe work atmosphere. Arizona’s thriving business environment creates endless opportunities for career growth, as well as issues like wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and failure to receive overtime pay.

When these cases arise, experienced labor and employment lawyers are needed to help navigate this complex area of law and ensure that victims have their rights protected. At Mesa Employment Law, our team of highly-qualified Mesa employment lawyers includes shareholders Michael Pruitt and Nate Hill.

When facing a complicated employment-related legal problem, you need a trustworthy legal advocate on your side to fight for what you deserve. Our Mesa employment lawyers have many years of experience representing employees whose rights have been violated at work. To learn more about our employee services or how we can help you with your employment case, contact our Mesa office today at 480-613-7917.

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It’s common for employees to be confused about their legal rights due to conflicting local, state, and federal laws that change regularly. In addition, each work environment has unique characteristics in which employers must determine the best way to promote rules and guidelines.

At Mesa Employment Lawyer, we understand the ongoing changes in employment law and take the initiative to undergo continued education in all employment issues. Our team of Mesa employment lawyers has handled all types of labor disputes and works hard to deliver clients with effective and cost-friendly legal services.

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