Workplace discrimination remains a common problem, despite the many laws put in place to prevent it. For this reason, JacksonWhite strives to help victims of workplace discrimination fight back. Our Mesa employment lawyers represent employees involved in a wide range of discrimination lawsuits, including claims related to religion, race, age, national origin, pregnancy, disability, and sexual harassment.

Employers are not required to give a warning or reason when terminating an employee, making it difficult to prove claims of discrimination. Like any lawsuit, it is essential for employees to have irrefutable evidence when going forward with a discrimination case.

Representing Employees with Disabilities Facing Discrimination

Disabled employees are protected against workplace discrimination due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This act holds employers responsible for making reasonable workplace accommodations for disabled employees rather than terminating them.

Employers are not required to hire or retain disabled employees who are unable or unwilling to perform their job responsibilities. A disabled employee must have proof that their employer has discriminated against them due to their disability even though they were capable of performing their job duties.

Protecting Employees Against Workplace Discrimination

Our qualified Mesa employment team has specialized experience in handling discrimination cases with sincerity and sensitivity. Discrimination claims are often difficult to navigate and require the expertise of a lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of Arizona law.

Filing a discrimination claim with the Arizona attorney general’s Civil Rights Division is an essential step that should be taken before proceeding with legal action. There are strict guidelines that must be met when filing a discrimination lawsuit.

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